Do unitl you fail. Then you try again.

3 tips to help you get motivated today!

Hello all,

How are you doing? It’s almost the middle of 2022 – so how are you getting on with your goals for this year?

Do you remember them? Are they still important to you?

Research shows that our motivation for new year goals decline as the year progresses. Partly due to busyness of life, changes of circumstances or just lack of motivation.

In studying my own motivation, I noticed key elements that keep me motivated:

Schedule time in your diary for your goals. If you feel that you have no time to work on your goals then perhaps those goals are not important enough for you. Ask yourself if those goals still matter to you. And if they don’t then what does? To really deepen your relationship with your goals, ask how would achieving them impact those around you. Ask how would achieving them give you joy, peace and happiness. Once you narrow down to goals which are really important to you, take out your diary and mark time for you to work on them.

Breaking down long term goals into smaller goals. This was a game-changer for me. For example, when I wanted to lose 18kgs, I aimed to lose 1 kg every 2 weeks. When I wanted to write an online course, I aimed to write a page a day. Breaking down into bite-sized goals helped me to keep track and see my progress. And progress was a reinforcing loop for me to feel motivated to keep going. So break down your longer goals into shorter term goals.

Even as you set goals, be open to the messiness of life. Be ok knowing that sometimes you’ll not feel motivated to work on them. But know that you can get back on track as long as your goals are important enough to you. Remember that your goals should be source of inspiration for you rather than be a burden. So be kind to yourself if you have fallen off track on your goals. Get back and keep going!

What keeps you motivated?