5 reasons why everyone should coach and be coached

5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Coach and be Coached

I place my green tea gingerly next to my iphone. Next I angle the artificial flower which reminds me of my fellow coaches. Then I do the most important step – I take 10 deep breathes. The kind of breathes that connects me to my inner self and centres me to the present. The breathes remind me that I am here to support  another human being in their journey and I am only a vessel to help them find their own answers. Soon the phone rings and I start my coaching session.

Through my coaching session I constantly check back into my breathing. I watch the body language and tone of my client and reflect back what I see and feel.   Sometimes my mind wonders but I gently bring it back to the present. After the session, I take deep breaths and make notes of the coaching session. Essentially how I was feel and being during the session. After a few of these reflection, I have begun to realise that I coach the way I was coached. It’s a process of absorbing and giving back what you gained. This makes coaching a highly experiential and rewarding experience – and one in which I am constantly receiving and giving back.

Why everyone should coach and be coached:

  1. We don’t really reflect constantly. Or maybe some of us do but it may be a struggle for most to make it a constant habit.A coach will gently remind us that reflection is a key skill for improvement.
  2. You need to receive before you can give. It is important to receive and feel the warmth of good coaching before you can give it back. This will keep you inspired and motivated to continue coaching.
  3. As a check in for the issues you face at work or in professional development. There is real power in knowing that there is someone who is walking along side you in your journey. The coach will not have the answers but will help you unravel the answers that lie within you.
  4. Everyone can coach and should. It is the single more powerful way for you to ground yourself and focus your attention on another person completely. It requires you to know that your very presence will make a difference to someone. 
  5. Coaching others is not about having a sense of satisfaction but about knowing there is so much more to learn about yourself. You will always feel that you could have coached better or asked a better question. It’s this feeling which will keep you in a place of enquiry for your own development and growth.

There is no big secret about the process of coaching. At its most basic level, it is about breathing, asking questions and holding the intent.  Something we all can do, right?:)

This article was published by Executive Lifestyle on 19th June 2016. View it here