I understand the challenges of working in a complex environment.

About Anu Shroff

My belief is that life and work is fundamentally intertwined. When we go to work, we bring our whole selves – therefore we need to ensure that our whole self is looked after and nurtured regularly. As a coach, my focus is on helping leaders re-align their life purpose and gain clarity on their areas for development in a safe and contained environment.

A recurring theme I have heard in coaching is that of fear and how this prevents people from moving forward. People are often fearful of rejection, of trying something new or simply of not knowing. As a new entrepreneur myself, this theme resonates with me as I felt it deeply when I set up my own company in 2016. I discovered that working through my fear and taking a step at a time not only boosted my confidence but also built my resilience. You can do this too.

For more on this, read my blog ‘The Role of Fear in our Lives.

As a corporate facilitator, I bring years of facilitation experience to workshops and blend it with a deep understanding of human psychology and group processes. I adapt workshops to meet the desired needs of the organisation and provide sessions on: leadership development, strategic planning, scenario planning and corporate retreats.

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Some of my client's feedback

"Amongst the many facilitators that I had worked with, Anu always stay on top of my call list whenever I needed a reliable professional, who can leave a deep and sustainable learner experience to initiate behavioral change. Beyond that, she is never afraid to roll up her sleeves to co­create the right learning environment for the learners. Definitely someone whom my team will partner with for many years to come.”

Garvin Chow Kheng Huat
First Vice President, Talent & Development, UOB Group Human Resources

“Anu was an effective facilitator throughout our five-day international programme. She linked a wide range of topics covered in the programme and provided a clear, coherent narrative, which contributed positively to the participants’ learning. Her facilitation was also instrumental in bonding a diverse group of participants from 9 ASEAN countries.”


Suniartie Sudyono
Manager CSC International South East Asia Desk, Civil Service College Singapore

“Anu was an absolute delight to work with. She allowed me to be more open and transparent with her than I’d thought myself capable of being, and would gently but firmly nudge me towards the tough truths I already knew but was scared to acknowledge. I am particularly grateful for her holistic approach to coaching—she doesn’t coach just the professional, but was also highly sensitised to the personal and how that shapes and influences my career choices.”

Yvonne Poon
Attorney-General's Chambers

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