Be your own best ally

We have experienced self doubt or have been critical about ourselves at some point in our career or life. Probably we felt we could not move forward or were stuck in a unresolvable situation. Whilst this may be considered normal and even “part and parcel” of life, a constant manifestation of self doubt can take a heavy toll on our emotional well-being.

Sometimes we devise coping mechanisms such as ignoring the issue or looking for evidence to confirm our self doubt. But this may not address the underlying issue – which if left unchecked can lead to a self-fulfilling prophecy. We need to remember that we are resourceful enough to build and be our own self ally :

1) Recognise and name self doubt. Acknowledge that there is a problem which could be impacting our emotional well- being. Acknowledging is the first step to addressing it.

2) Ask powerful questions to help move forward. Questions such as “what if this situation was solved? What would it look like?” “What am I learning in this situation?” “What are my beliefs?” “How could my beliefs be limiting me?” Powerful questions helps us see from a different perspective and helps us learn about ourselves.

3) Keep a journal. This simple act can help us to reflect and appreciate the small successes we have had each day. Over time, this keeps us observant and mindful of the present.

The steps above are simple and belie the power they have to help us become our own best ally. That is, we are able to deal with most of the self doubts and inner critic that may surface during our lives.