Being comfortable with confusion

“I’m confused,” I told my coach. “And what does that feel like?” asked my coach in return. As we progressed in my coaching session, it became clearer to me that the visceral experience I was having was not because I was confused but because I was uncomfortable being confused. I didn’t like the fact that I was not sure of what I needed to do next and this was having an impact on my breathing and body. I felt tense all over and noticed that I was holding my breath a lot more.

As I just took a deep breath, I noticed a shift within me. A feeling of letting go. A sense that life will lead me where it needs to. And a conviction that I just needed to carry on the work I was here to do.

As humans we are constantly seeking the right answers for ourselves. But if we appreciate the beauty of not knowing and being comfortable in our own confusion, we can allow more of life to emerge.

So the next time you feel confused, pause and take a breath. Notice what is going on in your body and connect with it without any judgement. Ask yourself “what does it feel like right now?” Pause, connect and feel.

Go well,