Breathing and the breath

What is so special about breathing? Isn’t it something we do daily, automatically, without thinking? We learnt it as soon as we were born – without even being taught how to.Then why do all the great sages, thinkers and philosophers ask us to focus on our breath? Why are we told to notice and be intentional about our breathing?
I tried it out for myself to notice any difference. After deep intentional breathing for almost a month, this is what I have noticed:
1) Yes, I do need to be intentional in deep breathing if I want to reap the full benefits of it. As the day progresses and I get caught up with busyness, my breathing gets shorter and shallower. Noticing this is the first step to taking deep breaths.
2) There is indeed a calming effect from deep intentional breathing. This pause gives me the space and time to think about the situation I am in. And the response I should be making. Although just a few seconds, it’s enough for me to get realigned with myself and focus.
3) Deep breathing impacts those around me. They start taking deep breaths too. I would say what a great way to spread positivity 🙂
4) So try it out for yourself. It may be difficult to remember in the beginning but give yourself an anchor as a reminder. For example, I will take 3 deep breaths as soon as I turn on the shower or as soon as I sit in the car. As you do this repeatedly, soon you will start incorporating deep breathing in your daily routine and start noticing the difference in you.

So let’s start a breathing revolution!