Interview with the Wonderful Lynn Yap

Do you feel your stress levels have increased since the pandemic started?

I see this every day in my clients who are juggling with working-from-home, managing family responsibilities and having to deliver their work targets. The blur of work and personal life is talking a toll on us especially since we have not been able to demarcate our time with holidays and breaks.

Stress has an impact on our physiology too. To explain how stress impacts our hair and hair loss, I was fortunate to interview Lynn Yap, chemist and founder of Clynn by Nature on this topic. Listen to the recording to find out more. Here are timestamps for you to zoom into the parts you are most interested:

03:58 – How has high levels of stress impacted our wellbeing since 2020?

08:15 – Does our sleep pattern have an impact on our hair?

12:03 – What are some common reasons for hair loss in Singapore?

14:22 – How does hygiene affect our hair?

18:05 – What are some common mistake women make that lead to hair loss?

20:44 – How Lynn’s experience in the sciences has helped her develop her hair formulas.

27:53 – If there was one thing we can do to protect our hair, what would it be?

What do you think? How has stress impacted you?

Be well, Anu Shroff