Taking charge of your time

Time is a gift all of us receive equally. Each day starts and ends in a 24 hour cycle. We all live within the same cycle of time. If that is so then why do we sometimes feel we have wasted precious time while other times we feel very productive? This could be due to our perception of time and what it does to us. As with all gifts, the gift of time can be badly misused if we are not careful. So what can we do?

1) Wake up early – really early. Start with 6am but aim for 5am ultimately. It may feel painfully early at first but you will get so much done before 9am. By 10am you will feel that you have achieved more than half a day of worth while others are just jump starting their day.

2) Work in time blocks. Tell yourself what you want to achieve that day, then break it down to 60minute blocks. 50 minutes of uninterrupted work and 10 minutes of break. Set a timer to remind you to take a break after 50 minutes.

3) Schedule “white space” in your diary. This is time for you to do nothing but be with yourself. Notice what you feel and think about when you are by yourself. Although it may feel uncomfortable at first, great sources of inspiration lies within you. Get used to you.