• Anu’s coaching is underpinned by the idea that true flourishing in the workplace happens when you are able to bring your whole self to your work. I found my sessions with her nourishing – she is a great listener who is able to dynamically point out themes in your own thinking, and guide you towards realisations that were always within you. Anu was also able to provide useful frameworks and actionable steps that enhanced my work life.

    Amanda Chong Attorney-General's Chambers
  • Anu was an absolute delight to work with. She allowed me to be more open and transparent with her than I’d thought myself capable of being, and would gently but firmly nudge me towards the tough truths I already knew but was scared to acknowledge. I am particularly grateful for her holistic approach to coaching—she doesn’t coach just the professional, but was also highly sensitised to the personal and how that shapes and influences my career choices. Her compassion paved the way for my self-honesty and I am so much more aware of my vulnerabilities and my strengths, and can consciously use them on the work and interpersonal fronts.

    Yvonne Poon Attorney-General's Chambers
  • Anu made me think how to also balance my personal emotions and professional time which was an extremely helpful input. Talking to her was a very deep insightful introspective journey and will stay with me and will enable me to become a better leader.

    Puneet Gambhir Senior Leader, GRAB
  • Every coaching session with Anu was unique, where we picked a topic, and Anu navigated the session by providing different perspectives on how the outlook is influenced by a personality trait or the way we approach the issue. I found this approach very good. I found the sessions an opportunity to cultivate the ability for witnessing and analysing events from a neutral perspective. I would certainly recommend others to be coached by Anu.

    Gaurav Bhatt Senior Engineer
  • I had just taken on a new management role in my organisation and really cherish the many takeaways from my coaching sessions with Anu. I learnt that it is more important to listen to understand rather than to solve and learnt to approach my new responsibilities with a growth mentality. As I apply the suggestions given by Anu, I have found that they were very well received by my officers and staff. Thank you very much!

    Chuan Huei Lee Senior State Counsel, Attorney-General's Chambers
  • The most impactful part of Anu’s coaching was the awareness of self. I am taking deliberate steps to improve myself to be true to myself. The whole experience was delightful and enriching and all the sessions felt safe, open and conducive for sharing.

    Azmi Mohsin Senior Manager, Singapore Sports Institute
  • Amongst the many facilitators that I had worked with, Anu always stay on top of my call list whenever I needed a reliable professional who can leave a deep and sustainable learner experience to initiate behavioural change. Beyond that, she is never afraid to roll up her sleeves to co­create the right learning environment for the learners. Definitely someone whom my team will partner with for many years to come.

    Garvin Chow Kheng Huat First Vice President, Talent & Development, UOB Group Human Resources
  • Anu was the consultant for the Upstream Strategy retreat organised jointly in December 2018 by the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) and Health Promotion Board (HPB). In her facilitation role for the retreat, she played an integral part in the organisation of the event, providing vital perspectives to the organising committee.

    During the retreat itself, Anu played a key role in both IMH and HPB generating meaningful and implementable strategies, hence achieving the objectives of the retreat. She was also involved in post-retreat discussions, providing advice in how to move forward with the ideas formulated by both organisations.

    Anu provided important insights during the entire process — her perspicacity, openness, and ability to connect with senior leaders of both organisations facilitated the success of the retreat. We are appreciative of her involvement in the process of consolidating strategic ideas in the important area of upstream work in mental health.

    Raphael Lim Swee Ann Director, Corporate Development and Forensic Psychiatry Operations, Institute of Mental Health
  • The most impactful part of Anu’s coaching was the deep listening and ability to prompt me with questions that directed me to what I seemed to be preoccupied with. Also the creation of a ‘Safe Space’ where I was willing to share.

    Michael Joseph Ad Safety Division, Sports Singapore
  • Anu works with individuals and groups with a peaceful stillness, that is a rare find in a busy city such as Singapore. Her ability to listen with care, allows people who work with her to find the direction they are searching for in their lives. If you choose to spend time with Anu, you will leave feeling understood and have the clarity you need to move forwards.

    Danielle Marchant Founder of the Instant Pause retreats and Life by Danielle
  • The Instant Pause facilitated by Anu, has made me realise what is truly important in my life and what I would like to achieve. It helped me to refocus and as a result I can now take the necessary steps to progress closer to my true dreams.

    Samantha Tan Senior VP, Pontiac Land Group
  • Having been coached by Anu for the past 8 months, I’ve discovered that listening to my gut instinct is absolutely vital. Anu has been a terrific sounding board and her sessions have been a source of encouragement in my moments of uncertainty. Her tips such keeping a diary, and taking closer note of the way I respond to certain experiences has been extremely helpful. I’d strongly recommend Anu to people wanting to gain clarity and insight in their business.

    Jennifer Lim Director, Jennifer Lim Art
  • Anu’s coaching was beneficial to me. She led me to discover the barriers and performance issues that have been putting a hold on me through her skilled questioning that enabled me to discover my potential to contribute to the organisation. I learned and discovered the importance of “stillness” in a fast paced working environment and condition. It was an invaluable activity for me to hold back all my thought of actions into a silent and blank mind to acquire stillness.

    Peter Teng Deputy Director, ACTIVESG, Sports Singapore
  • Anu was an effective facilitator throughout our five-day international programme. She linked a wide range of topics covered in the programme and provided a clear, coherent narrative, which contributed positively to the participants’ learning. Her facilitation was also instrumental in bonding a diverse group of participants from 9 ASEAN countries.

    Suniartie Sudyono Manager CSC International South East Asia Desk, Civil Service College Singapore
  • Anu is highly professional in the facilitation of the strategic planning session for SPRING Singapore’s Quality & Excellence Group which involves some 30 senior to middle management representatives. She takes a keen interest when working with the organising team to understand the key objectives of the session, to conceptualise an effective programme. Being highly perceptive, Anu engages the group by deploying various facilitation methods and activities to maximise the quality of discussions. She is impressive in her ability to keep pace and energise the group for a fruitful and meaningful session.

    Veron Huang Head of Policy & Promotion, Quality & Excellence Group of Spring Singapore
  • Anu is an exceptional listener and highly perceptive and intuitive individual, which make her a superb personal coach. For those nervous about working with a coach on personal and professional development, Anu’s unobtrusive and mellow style coupled with natural ease, made it much easier to break that early ‘trust barrier’, critical for a productive coaching relationship.

    Jamie Menon Corporate Relations Manager Sea, Diageo
  • Anu demonstrated confidence and professionalism in facilitating MCI’s Senior Management Team retreat which included our Permanent Secretaries, Deputy Secretaries and 30 Directors.

    Angeline Ang Ad Organisational Development, Ministry of Communications and Information
  • The opportunity to do constant self-reflection during the coaching sessions helped to identify areas that I should work on to develop better as a leader.

    Noel Bay Deputy Manager, Civil Service College
  • Anu facilitated a Micro Pause session with my leadership team. It received exceptionally positive feedback from all participants. The session was a good mix of reflection, sharing and learning. We all took away a range of practical exercises to incorporate into our daily busy and demanding lives. This ranged from simple breathing exercises and mini medications to simple but effective stretches. A useful and timely reminder to my whole team to put our well-being first - thanks again.

    Doris Honold Group Chief Operating Officer, Standard Chartered Bank
  • Anuradha is patient, open and has a very calming presence. She's able to create a safe space that helps to put you at ease, and promotes open and honest sharing. Anuradha is particularly skilled at helping you to uncover patterns and tendencies that might be limiting your potential. She contextualises, reframes, and sees the bigger picture, thus helping you to know yourself better. She has helped me to become a better leader and to identify areas to develop that will hone my leadership skills even further.

    Ashima Thomas CEO, Warrior9 VR | Chair, Asia VR Association
  • During a number of occasions in 2018 I worked with Anu around implementing a key development program for our organisation in Asia. Anu was tasked with facilitating a number of day-long workshops in Singapore and Vietnam that required a strong mix of content knowledge and facilitation skills to deliver successfully. Anu’s energy and passion for surfacing learning in others is a strong foundation in her work, and I will always be quick to recommend her for any role that demands cognitive dexterity with leading the learning of other adults.

    Andrew Mowat Group Head of Learning and Development, Cognita Schools Singapore
  • I attended Anu’s PAUSE workshop recently and found it extremely useful in helping me to slow down, re-assess and regain energy to move ahead. Anu, in her facilitative and calm way, was able to hold the process and container for deep reflections and rejuvenation of my mental and physiological state.

    Clarence Chia Institute Director, Institute of Leadership and Organisation Development
  • I would like to thank you for your teaching and also enjoyed your method of delivering the classes. It was engaging and we never got bored over your lesson plan. You were extraordinary adn we honestly learnt so much from you. Kudos to your efforts and guidance.

    V.Jason Student of HR Advanced Diploma