Coaching Contagion

The coaching contagion

My challenge is to introduce the coaching contagion in my organisation.

I use the word contagion deliberately because the coaching idea needs to spread from person to person for it to truly take off. Coaching can be done anywhere, anytime and with anyone. It doesn’t even require a lot of time. I think it just needs the right intention, an inquisitive mind, empathy and a deep desire to learn.
It is almost like creating an internal language in an organisation for learning and development. So what have I done to introduce the coaching contagion?

1) Take every opportunity to ask coaching type question. Once I set my intention to do this actually I find lots of opportunities to ask coaching questions – at meetings, work discussions and even via emails. I don’t think people realize those are coaching questions but at least some questions seem to make people reflect more.
2) Educate my boss. I guess the more appropriate term would be “contrating” with my boss but I use the word educate as there seems to be some misconceptions about coaching eg a coach will help to “sort out” a poor performer. I am happy to coach a perceived poor performer but I don’t want to go with the notion that I am there to help him improve his performance because the boss said so. I would rather have a conversation with him to find out what he would like to focus on and help his achieve his desired outcome.
3) Reflect on myself more. As Mahatma Gandhi said “be the change you want to see in the world”. By reflecting more on myself, it has invariably helped me focus better on my work. I feel more energized and feel I am able to achieve more in a day. Perhaps this is to do with the transferable nature of coaching skills into other realms of our lives.
4) Take it slow and steady. Coaching is a developmental journey for the coach as much as the coachee. I need to be patient on this journey and not expect quick results. Spread the contagion slowly.