The Transitions in Transition

I walked out of the office on the last day of my job dragging my feet on the floor. Fear and doubt on my mind. Part of me didn’t really want to let go. But there was a part of me that was also excited and even grateful. Grateful for all the learning and opportunities my job had given me. And excited for what I could create next for myself and my own company. Here was the opportunity for me to do what I truly loved, be paid for it and on my own time. My ikigai! What romantic notions I had of work-life balance and the exciting life of an entrepreneur.

Fast forward 2 years on a Monday morning, I opened my corporate bank account statement and felt my heart sink. I was close to not even meeting the minimum account requirement. How did I get here? Why was I not making enough money? What do I do now? I felt the same fear I had felt when I had left my job, but this time I recognized a pattern.

The pattern that my fear drove me to be brave and fearless. In precisely those moments, I step up and step in. So, I reached out to people and asked them what their challenges were and how I could help to meet that challenge. And I learnt: if you reach out, the universe will reach in. As I spoke to more people, I realized that I did have skills that people were willing to pay for. I just had not looked hard enough.


If you are in a transition, be it work or life situation, notice the shifts you go through over time. Transitions is not one-time and definitely not linear. You might feel exuberance one day and lost the next. Welcome all emotions, knowing that this is part of the process of transitions.