The Twin Journey

“Which coaching course should I take?” asked a friend. I took a deep breath as my mind raced back 5 years when I had asked my coach the same question. Then, my coach had gently guided me to discover what I truly needed. Even though I was looking for models on coaching, what I needed at that point was to learn to pause, listen and reflect. This led me down a path of personal development and deep reflection which became foundations as I worked on my coaching practice.

As I responded to my friend’s question, I noticed that I did not answer her question directly too. Just like my coach had guided me all those years ago, I asked her questions, shared my journey and the lessons I learnt along the way. Not everything I shared probably resonated with her, but I was thankful for the question as it gave me an opportunity to pause and reflect on my own insights.

There are twin journeys in our lives.

In your life, your journey is important. Not the journey that is expected of you but the journey you actually had. If you take some moments to see how far you have come and the path you have walked, there will be lessons there for you. And more importantly, those lessons can be helpful for someone else.

You don’t need to advise others but you can definitely choose to raise people’s consciousness to what they truly need in that moment.

In another conversation with another friend, he asked me about setting up a coaching business. I shared my top tips for people in transition and was once again in awe with the twin journey theme. If we look deep enough, we will see twin journeys.

Where do you see a twin journey in your life?