What is your story of Connection?

A few years ago, I was on a holiday in Colorado, visiting the Yellowstone park.

For a girl from Singapore, I was feeling liberated in nature and enjoying breathing in the freshness of the 15 degree air. The sheer size of the park made me feel free. Yellowstone itself is in a volcanic hotspot created millions of years ago, for a small moment, I paused and I felt how minuscle we were in the middle of God’s fingerprint.

I chose one of the many paths and set off into the dense forest. All of my senses were invigorated. I was noticing the indentations of other people’s footsteps that came before me. I walked and walked and walked – losing track of time.

Suddenly I realised it’s getting darker. I had mostly been looking down trying to make sure my steps were ok on the uneven ground. When I looked up, I realised that I was surrounded by forest all around me and could not see the path anymore. There was just these sky high trees and I had no sense of orientation. In my mind, I began to panic, my mind kept saying “Where am I?” My heart froze.

My mind started saying “what do I do?”

But something came over me and told me to breathe. To calm down. To PAUSE. After doing this, I could feel the overwhelm of that icy hand over my heart release. I realised I was determined to get myself through this and find my way out.

I decided to walk back and what came to my awareness was the sound of those mini waterfalls, the cascading water. That reminded me that I had been following a path near that sound. So as long as I followed the stream, I would probably find my way back to the carpark.

When I finally emerged from the path and I saw my car in front of me a wave of relief flooded my body. I was found and I was safe. I exhaled.

Why am I sharing this story with you?

As 2020 comes to a crashing end, you may feel like you are getting lost in the overwhelm of working-from-home and worrying about the future. A lack of orientation to what truly matters to you and where you are heading.

In this time of exceeding uncertainty, my invitation to you is to take a few moments to take a few deep breaths and connect with yourself. Really lose yourself as you listen to what your heart is trying to tell you. Perhaps we have been so caught up in the anxiety of 2020, that we have not heard our heart’s whispers. Listen and feel the release from your heart.