I understand that a workshop should be both engaging and purposeful. It is less about the facilitation tools per se and more about maintaining a “safe” space for people to feel comfortable to contribute and participate.  I believe that workshops offer an excellent opportunity for participants to connect and learn from one another.  The conversations that people have during a workshop can be fertile ground for new ideas and relationships to emerge.  It is through such conversations that we are able to truly understand one another and begin to take a step towards solving some of society’s current challenges.

Workshops & Executive Coaching by Anushroff Consulting

My workshops are designed to help people learn about themselves, their own leadership practice and encourage them to take the next step towards their goals. They are also highly interactive, purpose-driven and respectful of the needs of the participants. I blend insights from leadership development and strategy planning to deliver workshops that meet the organisational needs yet are highly impactful for individuals.

I work with you to understand your needs and offer a range of service in a strategic way to meet your desired outcome.

I offer the following services:

Besides large group workshops, I also facilitate small groups in the Action Learning methodology. This helps teams to improve their effectiveness and encourages individual team members to be part of a supportive group to help with their leadership development.

Companies I have worked with:

Singapore Civil Service College, Healthcare Leadership College, INSEAD Business School, UOB, Cognita Schools, Microsoft

corporate retreats

I customise corporate retreats to meet the organisation’s desired outcomes. I belief corporate retreats are a powerful way to galvanise colleagues to work towards a common purpose, generate creative thinking and create stronger-knit teams. Bespoke corporate retreats can be planned as part of a strategy planning or  holistic well-being agenda.

Executive Coaching


I understand that in the busyness of life. Sometimes it can be difficult to slow down and ask ourselves deep questions. It can feel like finding a still space in our calendar is a luxury we cannot afford. Yet it is exactly those deep questions and moments of stillness in our lives that can be transformational. In those moments, we begin to hear what our hearts desire and feel the answers that lie deep within us.

My executive coaching clients come to me because of:

  • Challenges at work
  • Feeling overwhelmed

And their main goals are:

  • To have work/life harmony
  • To grow their career
  • Be better leaders
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I help leaders discover themselves and be their own best allies by journeying with them to uncover their abilities and motivations. I inspire them to take a holistic view of their lives, acknowledge their blind spots and motivate them to take the next step towards their goals. During my sessions, leaders gain personal insights and integrate their learning so they can be more confident and motivated in the workplace and their lives. I can help you to:

  • HARNESS your hidden potential
  • CLARIFY your life goals
  • STRATEGISE your actions
  • MOTIVATE yourself

How my coaching works

Sessions are ongoing until you feel you have achieved what you have set out to do. I will be with you throughout your journey. Following an initial consultation if you would like to continue your coaching journey with me, my one hour coaching sessions are once a month at a mutually convenient time slot and venue.  I can also provide coaching online. All my coaching sessions are confidential. If you are interested, get in contact here for a FREE one hour consultation session. Want to hear what people think? Head over to my testimonials page.

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Start to grow your business with the best tips!

Here is your chance to get access to my exclusive freebies!