Your top 3 proud moments of #2019

As we usher in #2020, I invite you to take a Pause to reflect on your top 3 proud moments of #2019. In our hurry to get on with the new year, don’t forget to allow some “slow time” to appreciate where we’ve been. So Pause and listen to the insights you want to tell yourself.


If you want to keep the process simple, just spend a few moments scrolling the photos on your phone and pick those that most resonate with you. After you’ve picked about 15-20 photos, go back and look at them again and notice what emotions rise within you as you view them. Pick the top 3-5 most powerfully charged photos for you. Remember the point is not how great the photo is, but the emotion that it creates within you.


Your top proud moments could be something you stretched in, a stumbling block you overcame or just someone you enjoyed spending time with. Play with this and have fun!


Here are my top 3 proud moments for #2019


  • Co-hosting my first Deep Pause retreat at Telunas (Indonesia) opened up my heart and soul to this work of Pause. I absolutely loved the retreat and the support of the retreat participants had my heart singing! Will definitely continue in #2020! (The photo above is from the gorgeous retreat location of Telunas)
  • Being selected for the Mrs Singapore pageant. I didn’t proceed further than the selection round due to the time commitments required but I was very proud of myself for stepping into my skin, embracing my flaws and putting myself out here.
  • Hosting online webinars with international audiences. One of my mental blocks has been my voice as I feel I sound very “local”. So I was absolutely thrilled with myself for hosting voice-only online webinars where the participants where predominately from the West. I cringed whenever I heard my “hmming” on the recordings but it helped me slow down when online.

Here’s wishing you a reflective and fabulous year end. In the words of T.S. Eliot – “What we call the beginning is often the end. And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from.”